In a world of perverse choices and innumerable consequences, three anonymous men meet every week to share their Qualms.

About Rufus

Written by Gunnar

I would say first and foremost that Rufus is my best friend. In fact, knowing him has shown me that one can actually have a friend that is the best. I knew that if I wanted to jump back into the world of podcasting I would only do it with him. I could rag on him if I want, and maybe that would be funny. Perhaps it would be better for you, the audience, if I just got straight to the point and told you the ten basic facts you need to know about Rufus. 

1. He exaggerates everything. If you do something once, then you always have done it and always will do it.

2. He uses big words to make himself sound smarter and will use the same word frequently over a lengthy period of time. Right now, his word of choice is "abysmal". 

3. He fabricates memories or confuses interactions with people from the past in such a random and misguided way that it wouldn't surprise me if he is actually recalling events from a past life. 

4. He is envious of me and has admittedly stolen catchphrases and/or mannerisms of mine over the years. A good example would be how he starts certain declarative statements with, "Listen...".

5. He has irritated me, and physically harmed me more than any other person in the history of my life. Maybe that's what makes our friendship so special.

6. He loves his wife.

7. I think he is more passionate about his career than he will admit.

8. He plays guitar. I think he is better than he will tell you he is.

9. He never answers the phone when I want him to, but he's there to listen if I need him to.

10. He's a reader, a watcher, and above all, a very intelligent man.

The truth is, it's hard to imagine life without Rufus by my side. Hopefully, no matter what circumstances occur in our personal lives, Qualms will be something we can always come back to. Something that will keep us together.